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Mona Lisa .... Empty

Mona Lisa ....

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Mona Lisa .... Empty Mona Lisa ....

Heard this on tv this morning. Hope you understand I want to post it for those who love Art and Mona Lisa . Hope my English is good .. Sorry if it is not ..

Another mystery surrounds the Mona Lisa. In his eyes the sign of Leonardo.
The discovery comes from some research of the National Committee of the Cultural and Historical Heritage.
According to Silvano Vinceti, Chairman of the Committee, on the back of the picture,at the bottom of the left corner, you can read the number "149": this
testify that the work was carried out between 1490 and 1499. But the real discovery, is another one. In Mona Lisa's eyes Leonardo had hidden two symbols.
To notice the hidden part, is one of the members of the Committee . He bought in a market of old books, a text of 1960 where a French author mentioned a few details about Mona Lisa's eyes. He then began to research more and more and he found something.
The Committe does not want to reveal yet the details of the discovery: Rumors
speak clearly of two pairs of numbers or symbols that could reveal new "secrets" to Leonardo or the true identity of Mona Lisa.

So intriguing ... I love Leonardo and Mona Lisa's secrets ..
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Has earned her own Planet coffee mug

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Mona Lisa .... :: Comments

Mother Ocean

Post on Sat Dec 11, 2010 6:32 pm  Mother Ocean

Wow!! So exciting!! Wonder what it could be....hmmmm. I just watched The Da Vinci Code for the forth time...love that movie.

My father had two heroes....Thomas Edison and Leonardo da Vinci...and studied much about them both. Since my father's name was Leonard, my Mother often called him Leonardo and he had a portrait of him along with many books about his life and genius. My father always told us that Leonardo had the answers to many question about the world and life that would be revealed to us if we could just figure out clues that he gave in his many drawings and writings. We didn't really think he was right. Unfortunately our "Leonardo" didn't live to read The Da Vinci Code....and see the looks on our faces when we read it and realized how right our dad was...

Thanks minnie....can't wait to find out what the symbols are!!
Here is another related story....

Mona Lisa .... Mona4

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Post on Sun Dec 12, 2010 2:58 am  minnie

Wow !! I am glad that your Dad loved Leonardo!
I did not know it and I'm even happier now that I posted something about this new discovery.
I watched the Da Vinci Code twice but never read the book I have got it in my bookcase though.
I love all the misteries around Leonardo and Mona Lisa so ...
thanks for the link . I hope that the text will be deciphered soon.
Can't wait to hear...

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Post on Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:30 am  paperinik

I love Leonardo and for that reason my J, his second name is Leonardo. He was a genius and how all geniuses he was misunderstood genius. Question

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