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Stories and news from Italy .. Empty

Stories and news from Italy ..

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Stories and news from Italy .. Empty Stories and news from Italy ..

This looks like a good place to tell something about our countries .. funny stories , odd news , politics, Art, shows ....anything that we have found interesting ..so
I will try to relate something that has caught my attention...
Two things...The first one is a funny thing and it is about a special event .
The promenade of Sestri Levante, a small sea town in North Italy, hosted a few days ago the performance of body art of the painter Grunska Natali, Ukrainian by birth but now adopted by Milan, on the occasion of the national touring "Cioccolatour". Ingredients of the event in addition to ......chocolate, good music, dancing, entertainment with famous DJs, and last but not least, the body art, ancient practice !!!!
For over three hours, Grunska has captivated hundreds of passers-by painting the girls’ bodies and here is one of the results….

I want to change job and if I can't be a painter .. I wanna be a model !!!!! lol!

Another thing that I find very strange and that I read yesterday ..
In some of the districts of my city ..the Municipality has held training courses for teachers in the classes where there are kids whose parents are gay...
I think this is very discriminating ....As if giving your kids love should be something you can teach.....
These are the things the really piss me off...
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Has earned her own Planet coffee mug

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Stories and news from Italy .. :: Comments


Post on Thu Nov 18, 2010 8:52 am  paperinik

I appreciated your two stories.

First, I would to be a model too. Razz

Secondo it's so stupid. They think being gay is like handicap where you must have a learning support teacher. To they I say wtf sign The finger Drop Trouser and fuck more

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Mother Ocean

Post on Thu Nov 18, 2010 1:21 pm  Mother Ocean

Um....melting chocolate....getting out my softest brushes.....

So....anyone ready to be my canvas? LOL!!! MMMM MMMMMM Talk about edible art!!!! Lick

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Mother Ocean

Post on Thu Nov 18, 2010 1:28 pm  Mother Ocean

Way back in the 1980's, before I became a teacher, a sort of "sensitivity training" was added to the Teaching program at many colleges here in California. It was included, I feel, so teachers are aware or reminded, that every child does not come from the same ethnic, religious and socioeconomic background as the next. Especially here in California where we are perhaps more multicultural than other parts of the USA.

When I was accepted into the Teaching program, I was reminded to have learning material such as books, for example, with diverse characters of many races and genders. I was even reminded to include this in teaching art to elementary school...mixing "skin" colors for example. In the 90's many school districts put the emphasis on sexual orientation diversity because more and more gay couples were living openly. We were given training about not talking about families in terms of "Mom and Dad" only. We were instructed to say "Parents". We had learning materias that showed and talked of "traditional" families as well as one parent, two moms, two dads...and even grandparents raising their grandchildren...and instructed how to answer questions about any one of those families without endorsing any one lifestyle. Often it is a tightrope walk....LOL!!

It all sounds like common sense. We all know there are different "kinds" of families, lifestyles and cultures, most teachers have no problem with this. Some do have a problem, and need to be taught a way to deal with their own biases. California, of course, is at the leading edge in this type of training here in the US. However, it is not yet policy in many parts of this country and I believe that is partially to blame for the bullying and taunting that is becoming so widespread...just a thought.

So...sorry for running on...again...but minnie...anytime there is a way to open up anyone's eyes to maybe lift the veil of intolerance ....starting with teaching our children. I am all for it. It is not discrimination...in my opinion it is progress...the needs of children of gay parents could be easily ignored.

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Post on Thu Nov 18, 2010 2:01 pm  minnie

You might be right and I can understand your point of view , Mother.
I just don’t like the fact that there are differentiated treatments when there should not be .
Training courses for teacher’s … why ? If teachers can’t approach one or more students who have gay parents .. well they should not teach at all …and should do another job.
And if they can ‘t solve potential conflicts between their students .. well .. why did they choose to teach?
You know more than me that being a teacher means more than teaching notions or formulas …or whatever it is .. A good teacher should be a good psychologist first of all and should have a special predisposition to deal with kids at any level…This should be valued before they get a certificate.
If they don’t show that predisposition…well, they can do something else in my opinion..but out of the school.
I think that keeping on putting the emphasis on what they call “different people” does not help at all to stop discrimination and intolerance.
It is just the way I see this thing Mother ..

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Mother Ocean

Post on Thu Nov 18, 2010 4:34 pm  Mother Ocean

LOL!! Yes I agree...teachers should be proficient in all things psychological and able to see and treat all as one...but that is not the reality. I think the training sessions are more to give the teachers the resources to do just the things you have stated. We are taught a basic way to keep order and understand diversity...but specifics are up to the individual. I don't see these classes as a way to teach the kids of gay parents differently as much as just reminding the teachers to include their point of view when teaching the class as a whole.

When I was first in the teaching program, I almost quit. I found...and I don't like to generalize but...I found the kind of people that were studying to become teachers were very "middle" of the road and sort of naive....not very many were really exposed to diversity....be it religious, culture or sexually. They frustrated me by sometimes being insensitive...and not knowing they were doing it. Their attitudes were old fashioned and again....naive. I came to understand that not everyone was raised by an open minded mother as I was. They had all the teaching skills...just not the open mind. No one can be prepared even if they have a "predisposition" on their own to handle the difference between 30 to 40 children in their class. Understanding the differences but seeing the similarities makes it easier to be a teacher. It helps us anticipate any problems...and helps us guide the ship down the middle so to speak.

Teachers in public schools have to be ambassadors,sociologists, psychologist as well as being babysitters, referees, disciplinarians and mentors....all at a salary lower then most plumbers....and we have to do this while conforming to the standards (rules) set down for all schools, no matter the level of diversity. There is no way in hell that you can treat everyone the same...no way in hell that even the most sensitive, open minded person can know how to be the same to everyone at all times....and yet we expect this from our teachers. This was not the case in my Catholic School days...we were taught a religious based curriculum and there was really no "diversity"

Yes, if a person does not have the predisposition to do this then they should not be teachers. My question to you is...what is wrong in reinforcing their understanding of the differences in order to help teachers anticipate problems amongst students who perhaps do not? Students who perhaps, if not inevitably, come to school with their parents ignorance and intolerance and not just empty vessels waiting to be filled up with knowledge. The ugly world creeps in. We have to anticipate things before they happen and maybe...through teaching with all these different perspectives in mind....we can do that.

I have never set out to treat a student different than another....but factors creep in...personality, motivation, language differences...etc etc...and...yes...I am human...I find that I concentrated on the ones I could reach and hope that I could entice the others to come along. I taught older children...in their teens with personalities and beliefs already pretty much set...and often physically bigger than me...LOL....so any tools or suggestions to understand how I could keep their attention on their studies and not on their social standings, was welcome.

I am a gay parent. I have seen my children's school books...starting out with story books that have stories of a mommy and a daddy....and two kids and a dog. My kids never commented on it...but I know that their schoolmates from time to time have pointed out that they don't have a dad....as if they didn't also have a true "family" (it has also been pointed out to them that they don't attend church, so they are not spiritual or..in the case of my eldest...speak the language of her ancestry...so she is not true to her heritage...like this is what defines them) With the introduction of reading material for example, that show illustrations of single parents, ethnic characters, mixed race groups and...yes....gay parents....it seems to me that this attitude is changing. What is wrong in teaching maybe seasoned teachers stuck in the "old ways" some new perspectives....how does that discriminate?

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Post on Fri Nov 19, 2010 2:42 am  minnie

Wow Mother .. I won't talk anymore LOL !
Seriously .. may be I am too naive or I live in a dream world ...
I wish we lived in a world where "differences".. be it religious, sexual or culture as you say ...could "mix" naturally, and nobody should be taught how to treat them ..
Good sense, respect, intelligence , maturity and love for the neighbour should be enough but this is probably an utopia...and the fact that there is the need to teach teachers how to act ... just makes me a little sad .

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Post on Fri Nov 19, 2010 2:46 am  paperinik

I think, like there were a lot of pioneers, "our" kids will be pioneers for new generations, and maybe, we and they, can read or see new books modern families.


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Mother Ocean

Post on Fri Nov 19, 2010 11:03 am  Mother Ocean

If most teachers could work in a bubble without the influences of TV, YouTube and parents who would rather teach their kids their their own bad behavior...and the kids bring that to school we wouldn't need workshop on social issues. Teachers are not taught how to to act or teach each kid differently...They are just given guidelines to follow if these differences should cause conflict. It is a way to keep everyone is on the same page...because teachers are human too. Believe me there are times when a situation just tries our patience and we want to voice our own opinions...but we can not...we must attempt to be fair and understanding to all...liberal and conservative, Jew and gentile, religious or agnostic....gay or straight. Our job as public school teachers is to teach, for the most part, secular subjects without interjecting our own religious, political or moral beliefs. It is not easy because teachers are as diverse as the students. We work for State and local governing agencies and not private entities.

I sometimes think it would be easier if I HAD become a Nun...teaching just ONE way of thinking and believing....with a stick in my hand....and if parents didn't like it they could go down the street to a different church... LOL!! :nun:

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Post on Sat Nov 20, 2010 2:50 am  minnie

I am still puzzled about these training courses but I think you had me convinced and it was funny and interesting talking about it with a teacher like you .
Thanks Mother

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