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Nobody probably knows I have a passion for commercials.
I consider some of them masterpieces….. mini-movies…for images, music, locations, the capability of giving emotions in a few seconds. Not to mention that many are very funny and make me laugh.
I would like to see how commercials are in the USA and in other countries. So post the ones you like more, if you like some.
I will start by posting the one I like the most lately …

Evocative commercial, excellent choreography, good images, well directed, not to mention the quality of the cotton of the sheets !! Wink

Ok .. in honor of my country … BE ITALIAN !!

Has earned her own Planet coffee mug
Has earned her own Planet coffee mug

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Post on Fri Jul 22, 2011 1:05 pm  yellowsmileyfaces


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Mother Ocean

Post on Fri Jul 22, 2011 4:51 pm  Mother Ocean

This has nothing to do with commercials...just this last one posted reminds me of something...by the way I agree with you YSF...Totally...LOL

My girls and I were out at a restaurant the other day...and in the next booth were three little boys ranging from the age of 3 to, I would say, 6 or 7. Not one of them sat still...or used utensils to eat. Two of them constantly looked over the back of the seat at us...well I think at my eldest...and one even touched her hair with his dirty food covered hands. Of course my eldest did nothing but turn and look at the 3 year old and moved over in her seat. I gave them the evil eye and my youngest wanted to throw her fork at them....it was only a verbal wish she never took action...LOL

I however said in a rather loud voice...how sad it was that I taught my children manners so they could eat at a public place with out bothering others. How the majority go out to get away from the chaos that can occur at home with small children...to get away from the throwing food...the loud and often maddening behavior of children growing up.

Well...the mother heard me...gee...and I was talking too loud.. ooops... Wink. She made a feeble attempt to quiet her brood down. Only to have the OLDEST say he wasn't doing anything it was the middle child...which came to blows between them...and the youngest bursting into tears. All eyes on them...the father never said anything as he shoveled his food in his mouth. Not a word except...eat your dinner. Other people in the restaurant were looking at him in disdain.

I can remember acting up in a restaurant when I was about 6...I kicked my sister under the table because she just normally pissed me off and pouted because I had...gasp...vegetables Commercials ... - Page 2 Vomit-smiley-27 on my plate and refused to eat. Suddenly within seconds...I was lifted by one arm....carried through the air and the next thing I new I was sitting in the backseat of our station wagon. It just so happened to be parked just outside the window where my family were sitting in the restaurant...so not only could my parents watch me...my siblings could make..."Ha Ha Ha"and "MMMMMM this dinner is good" faces at me when my parents were not looking. Didn't take long to learn my lesson.

The same happened in the movie theater. Watching Winnie the Pooh, we didn't mind the little ones talking to Winnie...I wanted to as well...it was the ones who ran up and down the aisle...their mothers watching the movie oblivious...or trying to reason with them as to why they needed to sit down and stop wasting the $10 they paid to see the movie...

Um...WTF...we are not here to be playmates to our kids...I could care less if parents have to stay home because their kids public behavior is not what it should be...too bad. You are PARENTS...not your kids friends. If you don't like that or that is too difficult for you...yes...USE A CONDOM!!!

Sorry...had to vent...again... On a Soapbox good commercials YSF!!!

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Post on Fri Jul 22, 2011 8:57 pm  yellowsmileyfaces

oh i very much agree with you. i have seen parnts totally ignore their kids in store. i want to yell "just because you can successfully tune your kid out does not mean the rest of us can!"

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Post on Sat Jul 23, 2011 5:56 am  minnie

I am not sure Mother that I have understood what you told. I read hastily while cooking cuttlefishes with peas.
I totally agree if I understood.
I see every day parents letting their children do what they want , everywhere. Not a word ... not a look to make them stop.
Well , I just wonder why can't we protest ? Have we always to put up with impoliteness and bad manners?
I do it , I protest I mean , every time I can .
I travel almost every day by train. There was a kid a few days ago that started screaming and he would not stop . I was tired and had a headache and all the people around were complaining in low voice. His mother ... nothing . She kept doing her crosswords. I hoped he stopped but after 3 or 4 train stops .... nothing. So I told this woman " Excuse me, I can finish your crosswords if you please .. for God's sake... ask your son to stop screaming". He did finally ..

Anyway .. YSF .. that video just makes me nervous ! ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!

I vote for HEROD !! LOL!

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Post on Sat Jul 23, 2011 12:43 pm  yellowsmileyfaces

so this is off topic but it seems like she knows what to do in this situation.

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