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Mother's Musings....

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  • 20110805
    Sometimes. in our lives, thing come flying at you from so many directions...so easy to lose yourself and your sense of any direction you have chosen to follow. I know I have found myself in that situation lately. My old friend Mr. Josephson has a few words that made me stop and think....

    Put the Big Rocks In First

    There’s a well-traveled story about a teacher who showed his class a one-gallon jar and a dozen large rocks.

    After a little...

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  • 20110722
    This is not one of my musings...just thought this was interesting....and um...wow!! All that and brains too....gulp!!!

    Click here to hear Charlize on CNN on why she won't marry

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  • 20110427
    I enjoy and often agree with this man who has a weekly "thought" he talks about on the radio here in Los Angeles. Here are two that caught my attention in the past weeks:

    The first is about Positive Thinking....

    Disposition or Discipline?

    Have you heard the story of a shoe company that sent two salesmen into the jungle? After a few days, both came back. One was frustrated: "It was a waste of...

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  • 20110323
    Recently, on an unusually sunny and warm winter’s day, I sat in what I laughingly call “My Zen Garden”, which is just a small side yard of my house where I have made a little sitting area with plants, a small water fountain and statues of The Blessed Virgin and The Buddha...(I want to cover all bases). I just sat there watching and listening to the world going by. From my little garden I can see cars driving past and kids riding their bikes. I can hear the sounds of traffic moving on a...

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  • 20110303

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  • 20110227
    I am working on a musing and it is taking me too long....which is sort or ironic because it is suppose to be about time passing by too quickly...LOL!! Anyway....in the mean time...I heard this on the radio the other day and it struck me what a good lesson this is. Not only for the common man on the street but for our so called "Leaders" in our government. Tell me what you think....

    The Parable of the Carpenter
    By Michael Josephson


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  • 20110107
    Oh yeah right...like there is such a thing with me.....
    Lately it has been pointed out to me that I don't reply enough in to all of your postings. It seems that I am not reading and commenting as often as I could to what you all are talking about here....I tried to deny it but it is true.

    When I first suggested starting this site, I thought I would be laughed at...that it was just me being nostalgic for another time....another site. Thought I would be told I was crazy and that would be that. When I found that it seemed to be a welcomed idea, I then thought I could never be able to technically do it....but here it is...with all of your...

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  • 20101221
    Some thoughts on Christmas….

    A friend of mine went to a Christmas play last year at a large church here in southern California. It was beautiful, she said, complete with flying angels singing on high….and real camels. She was filled with the spirit, beauty, and the hope of the story. As she left to go home, driving out of the parking lot with the rest of the crowd, she was shocked to have someone honk and yell at her…filled with “road rage” trying to hurry out of the parking lot. She was struck with the fact that many of the shiny cars filled with people, who just minutes earlier...

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  • 20101123
    For those of you not familiar with this American (or should I say “North” American because the Canadians celebrate it too…) holiday let me give you a few boring facts.

    Thanksgiving is celebrated on the forth Thursday in November in the USA (the second Monday in October in Canada) The early European settlers called Pilgrims who landed at, what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620, were the first to do so, in 1621. History tells us that this day was the Pilgrims way of giving thanks for a bountiful harvest.

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  • 20101105
    I want to write this week about expectations. We live with many expectations. They may come from within ourselves or from others. They usually start on the day we are born. We are expected to reach certain levels of development at various stages in our childhood. There is a certain time in our infancy when we should sleep through the night, crawl and walk. Our parents are given these expectations by science and cautiously measure our development with other children ….it is just a yardstick to make sure we are healthy and developing the way we should. Some of us developed...

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  • 20101021
    This weeks Musings I’m trying not to get so controversial or political. I am going to go a more reflective and personal route.

    I have found myself in a place in my life that came unexpectedly. When I say “unexpected” I am not saying that unforeseen circumstances were entirely to blame. A lot of it is my own doing along with my Ostrich-like hiding my head in the sand and not seeing or preparing for what may be around the next turn in the road. Change…that is not something I do well.

    Do you remember that joke about the chicken crossing the...

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  • 20101015
    This my inaugural Rant…um….I mean Musing. On a Soapbox It’s about something a little political I guess…but I really think it crosses all kinds of lines…and should be of interest to all.

    These past weeks, when my attention wasn’t riveted to the television watching those Chilean Miners being rescued, I have been reading Cup o Coffee about the US Military’s policy called “Don’t...

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